Artist Dahabraha: poster of concerts 2021

Билеты Festival Atlas Weekend 2021
07 july 14:00 wednesday
Festival Atlas Weekend 2021
Билеты DakhaBrakha
23 april 19:30 friday

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Soul, Folk

DahaBraha is a Ukrainian project whose participants familiarize the modern world with “ethno-chaos”, which is directly related to the ethnic musical art of various peoples of the world. The Dahabrah team included 4 girls in the group: Marko Galanevich, Elena Tsibulskaya, Irina Kovalenko, Nina Garenetskaya. All of them had higher education in this field of activity. Regular practice at the University of Culture and Arts and numerous folklore expeditions - here it is, a real experience that helped girls reach the heights and know everything about modern folk songs.

The essence of the group's creative activity was not only to engage in the accurate reproduction of musical compositions, but also to modify specific tracks by combining authentic singles with various rhythms of different types of drums. Thus, a special unique atmosphere will be created.

The project of Dakha Brakh differs from other groups in that its participants use a huge number of instruments when recording songs, ranging from Hutsul drums to trombones.

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The list of instruments promises only to grow, since any musical object falling into their hands immediately sounds in a special way and encourages them to write new pieces. In the creative growth of the Dahabrah group, events are developing rapidly and productively. The YouTube channel displays the Dahabraha group in sufficient quantity for all fans of their work.

The group was formed back in the 2000s. Its participants gathered at the Dah Theater. Vlad Troitsky did his best. This is the man who created a group of young music and folklore lovers.

Initially, the entire staff of the upcoming collective was engaged in musical accompaniment of the plays organized by Vlad. After some time, they already took an active part in the project called “Mystical Ukraine”.

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The year 2004 was remembered for the team in that it was the beginning of the development of a professional career for children. Soon, the group of Dahabrah, whose concerts became popular, began to perform at various musical ethnic events. The Sheshory festival was no exception. The performances of the Dakh Theater also could not do without DakhBrakh.

The debut Ukrainian collection “On Dobranich” was presented in 2006. It consisted of 18 musical compositions. The peculiarity of the album was that it was recorded thanks to two sound engineers - Andrei Matveychuk and Anatoly Soroka. A year later, the world heard the collection "Yagudki" and after another 2 years, the album "On the Mez."

Another studio collection, Light, was released in 2010. Around the same time, the group was solemnly awarded the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize.

In 2012, the “Khmeleva Project” collection was presented in Poland.

In winter and spring, the Dovzhenko National Center attracted the collective to record musical accompaniment for the film "Earth", which was being restored at that time, based on the original version of the 1930s.

Theatrical performances were not the face of the group, although initially the director-creator of DahaBraha assumed exactly this development of events.